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Feel like giving it a go.

Classes generally start with a warm up of between 10 and 15 minutes depending on the lesson and will involve initial joint rotation and gentle stretching leading to cardiovascular work and dynamic stretching.

Please make sure you wear comfortable suitable loose fitting clothing for your classes prior to being issued with your Dobok or training suit. Tracksuit or jogging bottoms and a T'shirt are usually the most suitable.

Always bring a drink. You will get hot and thirsty. You may also consider a spare shirt and towel.

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I've always struggled with my co-ordination and flexibility

After the warm up we start with the Taekwon-do Training. For new starters this is the time when they start to stress about co-ordination and performance of techniques.

There is no expectation for new starters to be super athletes with incredibly flexible limbs and perform a dozen techniques perfectly after the first showing. 

Improving fitness and flexibility is not something you can achieve overnight. Like many aspects of Taekwon-do training this will take time.

All we ask is that individuals show a genuine interest to learn and try new things. Taekwon-do takes many years to perfect and patience is definitely a virtue.

For more information about Health and Fitness

visit our Student Theory pages

I Haven't trained for a while!

All students are expected to perform to their own limits. Everyone naturally wants to be seen to be as good as their peers but the reality is we are all individuals and all have different fitness levels. A fifty year old will not keep up with a fifteen year old.

Some people may find certain exercises especially difficult or cause them unacceptable levels of discomfort. Always talk to your instructor and keep them informed of your concerns. They are there to help and not judge.

If you are new to exercise or haven't exercised for a significant period of time then we always advise new starters to check with their GP first.

How long until I become a Black Belt?

Grading periods are 3-6 months depending on current grade and ability. Up to Blue Belt, students usually grade every three months, and beyond Blue belt every six months.

Grading periods are not set in stone and if an individual wishes to take longer that is their choice. Just have a chat with your Instructor.

To become a 1st Degree Black Belt will take a minimum of 3 years, but when you finally get awarded the coveted belt it's a very special event.  

For more information about gradings

visit our Student Theory pages