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School Instructors - Click a name for more info

Ms Sue Lloyd - Registered Instructor

Mr Chris Randle - Registered Instructor

Ms Sue Lloyd

The schools are run by female instructor Ms Sue Lloyd (4th Degree Black Belt) who is fully qualified and insured with the British Taekwondo Council to teach both Junior TKD and Full Taekwon-Do. Ms Lloyd who has been training since 2003, became a full time Instructor in 2006. Ms Lloyd is also a qualified ITF Umpire . Lloyd Schools and Heart of England Martial Arts take child protection very seriously and all Adult Instructors and Assistant Instructors have to be CRB checked regularly. Heart of England have adopted and comply with the Child Protection Policy of the Unified ITF Taekwon do Association. For more info on our Child Protection policy email Ms Lloyd: lloyd.tkd@btinternet.com

"The ethos for my schools is family. In this age where every one is busy itís not always easy to spend time together, get fit, work & generally enjoy life. Taekwon-do brings people together and is one of the few arts/sports where families can train together as equals. All of our students are well mannered and well grounded individuals".

"My family and I all train and teach together and we help each other to progress; certainly we have our share of disagreements but we all have the same goal of developing both ourselves and the students at my schools to their full potential".

"Taekwon-do can help anyone, adults and juniors alike, to develop into self assured and confident individuals. I particularly promote junior students training with the adults because they both have so much to offer each other. The older students learn to be considerate to the needs of the younger juniors, who are then able to watch and be inspired and encouraged by the adults. Adults are often inspired by the prowess and athleticism of the younger students making them try new and challenging techniques. As youíll have read before on this website, You can always be better than you think. You just have to try".

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Mr Chris Randall

Mr Chris Randall (3rd Degree Black Belt) is also a fully qualified and insured Taekwon-Do Instructor. In competitions he is a very successful member of the team with numerous successes in both Sparring and Patterns. Mr Randall was undefeated at Junior Black Belt Heavy Weight Sparring for all PUMA competitions in 2007 as well as taking Junior I.T.F. World Kup Gold for Sparring and Silver for 1st Dan Junior Male Patterns in both the 2007 I.T.F. World Championships and World Kup. He followed up these successes in 2008 by winning Gold for Sparring in the PUMA Northern, Welsh, English Championships and the Croatian I.T.F. Open Championships where he took Gold in Patterns and Sparring. In 2009 he became both PUMA and I.T.F. British Champion for Sparring.

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