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Exercise and Pattern Descriptions

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9th Kup Coloured Belt Patterns


Dan-Gun 8th Kup 1st Degree Patterns Dan-Gun
Do-San 7th Kup 2nd Degree Patterns Do-San
Won-Hyo 6th Kup 3rd Degree patterns Won-Hyo
Yul-Gok 5th kup 4th Degree Patterns Yul-Gok
Joong-Gun 4th Kup 5th & 6th Degree Patterns Joong-Gun
Toi-Gye 3rd Kup   Toi-Gye
Hwa-Rang 2nd Kup   Hwa-Rang
Choong-Moo 1st Kup   Choong-Moo
Kwang-Gae 1st Dan    
Po-Eun 1st Dan    
Ge-Baek 1st Dan    
Eui-Am 2nd Dan    
Choong-Jang 2nd Dan    
Kodang 2nd Dan    

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